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What is Bliss framework and Why should you care?

My name is Ondrej Valenta, and this framework is how I lead my little soldiers through this battlefield we call (enterprise) programming, this is how I lead them to survive and to find the bliss in what they are doing.

I'm in corporate development since 2005, and I'm a programmer since 1997. I've encountered dozens of programmers and worked on dozens of projects, so this framework is not something that I just pulled out of my thumb, it is, and always was, a necessity for me to stay sane and on top of things while leading others.

Parts of this framework

These are the fundamental parts of Bliss framework. Beside our manifesto, which is this site, there are Docker-compose templates, different project templates, PostgreSQL table templates, installation manuals and so on.

All of this to be faster in what we, and you, do. (while trying to keep it as simple as possible)

Feedback and discussion

We believe you'll find this framework useful, but if you have some questions, remarks or generally feedback, you can use standard GitHub Issues and Discussion


We don't claim we know everything, or that we know it better than you, or that we covered every aspect of programmers life, or that your way of life is compatible with ours.

We just claim that by following rules described in this manifesto, our programming skills got better, and our interoperability among different projects and teams has been greatly increased.

We claim that this manifesto helped us find bliss.